Why a MP Host Network Part 1

We are big fans of the CRG Web Program. Right out of the box, the CRG Website Theme Blue Victory provides almost everything you need.


In order to make your site a true digital constituency office, it would require some additional plugins. Reviewing the options, I obviously gravitated to the most popular free plugins because they worked on thousands of sites and the price was right for a limited MOB. The problem with even free plugins was the best ones required additional support in terms of set-up.

Many of the commercial plugins also provided a superior user experience, but wouldn’t make financial sense to be purchased by a single Member’s Office.

Finally, when I spoke to technical advisers about what I wanted to do, they stressed the importance of moving to a dedicated server, but explained the higher costs involved.

So, to build a truly digital constituency office for my MP, I needed:[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • Technical support beyond what CRG could provide
  • Commercial Plugins and Custom Plugins
  • Better security

[/unordered_list]The solution my advisers provided was a WordPress Network running on a dedicated server.

The MP Host Network provides the economy of scale to allow Conservative MP Offices running a Word Press site the ability to access commercial plugins, extended support, and run on a secure server, for the cost of a regular hosting package.

We built the MP Host Network to provide more resources to your Office at a lower cost to your MOB.

But we are only just getting started. In Part 2, we will detail the just some of the extra features available when your site is hosted on our Network.

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