Google Placing Your Constituency Office

Have you google’d your Constituency Office address? If you haven’t go try it right now.

If you tried it you might have seen it already has some additional information by clicking on the place marker. On the bottom right hand side of the pop up info box is a More menu. Click on Edit details and Google will let you add additional details to the pop up box, including hours of operations, additional pictures and even videos.

But, before Google posts your changes they require verification, otherwise anybody could vandalize your map marker. Google will phone the constituency office number they have listed and provide a pin. You can also opt to have a letter mailed with your verification code, if you are not in the office at the time.

Once you have the code, navigate back to the page you added the details or click here. That’s it. The next time somebody clicks on that marker, your enriched profile will show up.



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