Common Conservative Hash Tags

The-Hash-TagThe recent news that Facebook is adopting the hash tag from twitter to act as a search filter finally prompted me to write this post.

This first came up in the post on YouTube Productivity, but it is a simple idea. Conservative MP’s and staff should adopt a set of common tags to help each other’s content be discovered.

Each of the sites has a set of tagging conventions, and each has a different use. YouTube and Flickr’s tags are more akin to the use you would find in WordPress, as a means of grouping items across categories. With Twitter, the hash tag is the only means of categorizing your tweets, but they can also play a contextual role, meaning it can form part of a sentence in your tweet.

Facebook still hasn’t released their hash tag function yet but because most people use complete sentences and punctuation, I suspect the tag will be reserved for more of a categorization tool rather then for context.

Below is a very short chart I have started to keep track of the commons tags used across social media.

Key Word(s) Twitter Facebook YouTube Flickr
Conservative Party of Canada #cpc #CPC Conservative Party of Canada (Political Parties) conservativepartyofcanada
Question Period #qp #QP Question Period questionperiod
House of Commons #hoc #HoC House of Commons (Canada) houseofcommons
Parliament #parl #Parliament Parliament Hill parliamenthill
Conservative MP #cpcmp Member of Parliament (Canada) memberofparliament
Conservative EDAs #cpceda #CPC-EDA NAME Conservative Association conservativeEDA

This list is by no means complete, nor is it the final authority on these being the tags that should be widely adopted. If you have any suggestions please, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Crowdsourcing for Conservatives

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]If Veronica Mars can do it . . .[/quote]

Below is an email I sent to Conservative offices and friends across the country.

This was my first crowd-sourcing project, and I would appreciate any feedback.

[box border=”full”]

Dear Conservative,

Four months ago I launched the website  to help Canadians find and connect with Conservatives online.

Since then, hundreds of people looking for hard to find Association contact information or MP social sites found a Conservative.

The idea is to develop it into a conservative crowdsourced wiki project, allowing visitors to submit links, and trusted users to update profiles. At the recent Manning Networking Conference, I had the opportunity to find the Canadian conservative crowdsource funding website,

Finding a Conservative crowdsource fundind website was inspiring.

To support and help connect Conservatives, The FindAConservative Project will seek support for the continued development of the website exclusively through

Having written about how to set up an EDA PayPal Account and how to style an EDA PayPal Account, I didn’t need help to raise money online. This is an opportunity to find and connect more Conservatives.

I will be posting a series of small projects designed to grow the site, and help find and connect Conservatives.

Yesterday, I launched the first project, Find A Design & Find Conservative Designers, and I invite you to be among the first to fund a Canadian conservative crowdsourcing project.

Backing a project with is easy.

If the Project does not reach its goal by the deadline, no contributions go through.

Even if you can’t make a financial contribution at this time, please, take a minute to visit the project and learn the other ways you can help.

You know left-wing organizations like leadnow and avvaz are aggressively mobilizing online. I firmly believe projects like FindAConservative and websites like will help build a strong, stable, national multi-site network of Conservative activists.


Thank you,

Brendan Mulvihill



The Call To Action

The Call to Action Email Template keeps the clutter to a minimum so your call to take action is clear.