GUEST POST: How to Connect the with Most Voters

Your Campaign’s Challenge

You have a good candidate. She performs well in debates and interviews, convinces people at the door, the more people meet her the better she will do. You have a problem though.  She will only get to so many doors, a few quotes in the local paper will only get you so far, and the people who show up at all candidates debates are not really the target voter.

How do you get your message out? How can you introduce her to voters in a more in depth fashion than a flyer or a voice broadcast or a radio ad? Maybe hold a meet and greet? So 50 people show up and half are already friends and supporters, it goes well but it’s not enough. How do you scale that up to talk to thousands of people rather than dozens?

Your Campaign’s Solution

Simple: hold a telephone town hall. Allow voters from the comfort of their own homes to spend up to an hour listening to your candidate and asking her questions. Reach out to people directly on the phone, get them where they live and get them listening.

It’s pretty simple, we have the technology to call everyone in your riding at once, and invite them to listen in and ask questions. Your candidate spends some time talking about herself, and her message, and then takes questions from the audience. She can ask questions and conduct polls within the call “Press one if you agree that taxes are too high, press two if you disagree”, and she can spend most of her time answering audience questions, while the rest of the audience gets to listen to both the question and the answer.

You’re In Control

It’s not a free for all though, it’s more like a call in radio show. Your volunteers get to talk to each questioner before they go live, so you get more good solid policy questions and fewer questions about how she was involved in faking the moon landings. Your candidate can communicate with her volunteers and my team using our web interface, which lets you know what’s going on, and allows you to take questions.

Telephone town hall technology allows your candidate to reach out to voters by the thousands, to truly let them get a sense of what she’s like and her stances on the issues. If you have a good candidate, someone who comes across well, you need to be using teleforums to reach out to your voters. If you have an elected official who wants to communicate more regularly with the people he represents, you need to be using teleforums.

For more information, to set up a free demo, or to book a teleforum, feel free to send me an email. I can usually get them set up pretty quickly, and the rates are reasonable. Our staff will make sure you are trained and ready to go before we start dialling numbers.

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