Crowdsourcing for Conservatives

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Below is an email I sent to Conservative offices and friends across the country.

This was my first crowd-sourcing project, and I would appreciate any feedback.

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Dear Conservative,

Four months ago I launched the website  to help Canadians find and connect with Conservatives online.

Since then, hundreds of people looking for hard to find Association contact information or MP social sites found a Conservative.

The idea is to develop it into a conservative crowdsourced wiki project, allowing visitors to submit links, and trusted users to update profiles. At the recent Manning Networking Conference, I had the opportunity to find the Canadian conservative crowdsource funding website,

Finding a Conservative crowdsource fundind website was inspiring.

To support and help connect Conservatives, The FindAConservative Project will seek support for the continued development of the website exclusively through

Having written about how to set up an EDA PayPal Account and how to style an EDA PayPal Account, I didn’t need help to raise money online. This is an opportunity to find and connect more Conservatives.

I will be posting a series of small projects designed to grow the site, and help find and connect Conservatives.

Yesterday, I launched the first project, Find A Design & Find Conservative Designers, and I invite you to be among the first to fund a Canadian conservative crowdsourcing project.

Backing a project with is easy.

If the Project does not reach its goal by the deadline, no contributions go through.

Even if you can’t make a financial contribution at this time, please, take a minute to visit the project and learn the other ways you can help.

You know left-wing organizations like leadnow and avvaz are aggressively mobilizing online. I firmly believe projects like FindAConservative and websites like will help build a strong, stable, national multi-site network of Conservative activists.


Thank you,

Brendan Mulvihill



Why a

What is Find A Conservative?

Finding ConservativesBased on Google Analytics I know a few staffers have had an early opportunity to visit my special project,

You might be asking, why not just use Google if you are looking for a Conservative MP? And you’d be crazy not to!

The purpose of the site is to make it easy to find and follow all the Conservative MPs in one place. Of course, both Wikipedia and and do that, and provide either more biographical detail or provide more legislative details. Even the Party’s Website has all the Members.

But nobody links to the Conservative Associations, and then links them with there Conservative Members or targets their opposition members. Elections Canada’s website has a list, but good luck finding it.

And that is the real purpose of the project. Search Engine Optimization.

Over the last year, since starting to manage my first MP Website, I have been learning all that I can that is of use to political staffers in the digital age. One thing I did learn is you do not need to worry about SEO for your MP. You may want to tidy up your page descriptions, but the simple fact is your Member’s website is a bright shinning beacon on the internet.  How easy is your MP website to find on the internet? A good test is to misspell your MP’s name or just use the first name or just the last name and see how high it shows up.

If people who can’t spell your Members name can find your MP site, you don’t need to worry about SEO.

But what about your Member’s EDA website? Not surprisingly since nobody links to it, very few show up. You are barred from linking your MP website to your EDA website. So, I have set out to tell the internet that these two things are related.

And it is working. It is working better then I had even anticipated.

But it can be better.

It can do more. But, I need your help. I need help tracking down the rest of the data and adding more links. Actually, if you are reading this blog, you have access to update your MP’s Profile. I hope to add the ability to edit EDA and Campus Club information shortly, but the most important part is adding the links for MPs.

If your Member is on the CRG Web Program it was fairly easy to find your links, but if not, it took some searching, and even then, I could not ensure I found everything.

Check your Members Page or go to the edit page and add any links so see are missing. The more links the better. The big ones are obviously Facebook, Twitter, but don’t forgot about YouTube, Google+, or Flickr.

Currently there are a number of extra fields not being used, such as the RSS field, but once we have enough of those links we can begin stream more Conservative MP news to more people at the NewsDesk, currently under-construction.

Obviously adding more links and more content to the MP and EDA profiles has to be my priority, but the site needs a lot of work visually and useability. If you have ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear about them. is currently a “marketing site”, in that the dead-links for associations link back to EDA’s Conservative EDA website page. While “cute”, it really is only temporary.

I also have the .org and my goal is to move the site into a open source community driven project and remove the marketing. If your interested or have any suggestions for the website, please, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.